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The Dead Possum Tearoom

This is a tale of a show I did at the Roadhouse Café located deep in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I love how they added Café as if it added a touch of elegance. You’d swear you were dining […]

I Own These Bitches

My boxes of girl scout cookies were delivered to me at work today. I can understand why they start out as brownies, being as those little deviants are responsible for more fat people than Texas moms. I just stopped at […]

To Catch a Sicilian Predator

Interesting night performing at some random pizza place in Berlin, CT last night. First thing I noticed was the single autographed headshot on the wall. Who might be so important as to be the only celebrity adorning the wall of […]

The Icepack Killer

I did a show a little while back in Agawam, MA, at a delightful little hidden gem called Goodfellaz. This particular establishment had to extend the glass front-window to 2 levels to accommodate all the neon beer signs that wouldn’t […]

Transvestite Terrorist

After a recent show, I had an audience member ask me what is perhaps my favorite question. He cautiously approached me and wondered out loud, “You’re not really a Jew, are you?” I LOVE that question! No, I’m not a […]

Rabid Moose Donut Holes

About 8 or 9 years ago, I was doing a show up in Lake Sonapee, New Hampshire, at some sort of Golf resort in a restaurant/lounge that members and locals congregate at. I went up with Lamont Price. I did […]