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Feeder Mice for Ankle Mouths

$110 hamburger lands on Jakarta hotel menu JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) — A hotel in Indonesia is dishing out a hamburger that costs more than twice the monthly minimum wage in some parts of the country. I’m not certain why I’m […]


Shaniqua the Go-Go Chicken

Woman does ‘mouth-to-beak’ to save chicken ARKADELPHIA, Ark. Danke Schoen Senor Arkansas… I was growing weary of ridiculing Kentuckians. And I would have given anything to have been a fly on the wall during the town counsel meeting where they […]


Vibrating Gerbil on a Stick

After nearly six decades of painstaking research in the field of rubber animals, utilizing a myriad of scientific research methods such as placebos, protractors, and double-blind phone surveys, I have come to four conclusions: 1 – Of all the rubber […]

General Gaos Patriotic Anus

Before we delve into the pending issue of beautifully decorated cow anuses, I wanted to bring up the fact that lately I’ve been bombarded by Chinese spam. At least I’m pretty sure it’s spam. I’m getting comments left and right […]

Asphalt and Incest

I had to repost this cartoon that I originally put up on my site back in the winter of 05, as it has to be the best representation of the years of exhaustive training spent working on my craft. And […]

Feline Urination

I fondly remember the day my roommate approached me with tears streaming down her face because my cat had been peeing all over her stuff. At first I found it funny, but when I saw how much it upset her, […]

Rappers Testicles

Tennessee high school newspaper seized OAK RIDGE, Tennessee (AP) — Copies of a high school’s student newspaper were seized by administrators because the edition contained stories about birth control and tattoos, stirring a First Amendment debate. The administrators were upset […]

The Deer Carcass Store

288-pound man gets 288 jellybeans PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. – What do you get a 288-pound man for his birthday? How about 288 pounds of jelly beans? His family didn’t plan it that way, but when Mike Lively became the 1 […]

Zombie Bride

‘Bride’ with pot drives into N.H. pond GILFORD, N.H. (AP) — A woman wearing a wedding dress and parked beside a pond drove into the water Wednesday after officers tried to take a bag of marijuana from her, police said. […]

3 Wheels and a Chicken

Couple Tries Selling Kid for Cash, Car OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) – March 25, 2007 – A Kentucky couple is charged with trying to sell a 15-month-old girl for three-thousand dollars and a SUV. Is the problem that they tried to […]

Epileptic Talking Pinball

If anyone has had the good fortune to spend 90 minutes of their life with nothing more productive to do but watch the movie Radio, and happens to be wondering where he’s working today, the answer is at Wendy’s. Radio […]

3 Men and a Baby Jesus

HOMESTEAD, FL (NBC) — South Floridians have claimed to see holy images in things like grilled cheese or a pancake. On Thursday, a Homestead, Florida man said he saw Jesus in an X-ray he had taken of himself at a […]