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The Bloodhound Chain Gang

‘Lean On Me’ Actor Arrested for Buying 200 POUNDS of Weed – TMZ The guy who starred as troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 classic “Lean On Me” was arrested in Arizona for allegedly buying 200 pounds of pot […]


Meth in a Bible and Al Queda Bar-Mitvahs

Bible-only Reading at US jail (AFP) WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Department of Justice has filed a complaint against a South Carolina sheriff for letting one of his prisons bar inmates from reading anything but the Bible. I’m this really […]


Dane Cooks Vagina Spice

Ohio boy sells manly scented candles (AP)  MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A 13-year-old Ohio boy has launched his own line of scented candles meant for men, with fragrances that include bacon, New York-style pizza, sawdust and the smell of a […]

Gooey Splenda Facials at the Regal Beagle

City to get RoboCop statue with fan funding DETROIT (Reuters) – From sci-fi cult film, to Twitter phenomenon to Detroit landmark-in-the-making. SpaceBalls? Sweet! I’ve been writing my senator for years to have a Pizza the Hutt statue built. I guess […]

Guinness on the Ungrateful Pavement

Ohio police officers get drunk — on purpose – AP Fri Feb 26, 2:56 pm ET DAYTON, Ohio – Law enforcement officers in southwest Ohio were chugging down alcoholic drinks this week as part of a training exercise on how […]

Chili Cheesy Type 3 Diabetes

Family ‘Too Fat to Work’ Collects Annual $30,000 Disability Tuesday, March 17, 2009 A British family of four, who receives more than $30,000 a year in benefits because they are “too fat to work,” says they deserve more money, London’s […]

Crotchless Sumo Twister

Johnny Weir Responds to Mocking Broadcasters By Catherine Donaldson-Evans Johnny Weir is fired up over comments by a pair of Canadian broadcasters who suggested his costumes and “body language” set a bad example for male skaters and joked he may […]

Lap Dance School

Man in chicken suit cries foul over abuse SEARCY, Ark.  A.P. – To Steven Turnage, it was bad enough to dress up in a chicken suit and stand along a city street in 105-degree heat. Having passers-by shoot bottle rockets […]

Jujitsu Jesus and the Crucifiction Crack Rocks

Christian Wrestlers Body Slam For God Small bands of masked evangelists, clad in tights and armed with biblical names, argue it is. The violence and intensity of wrestling, they claim, can be the perfect way to attract the alternative, younger […]

The Low Carb Gas Chamber

MUMBAI, India (AP) — The owner of a restaurant named after Adolf Hitler said Thursday he will change its name because it angered so many people. He does plan though, to keep the signed picture on the wall of Mel […]