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Cat Pee

In what was one of the most hilarious moments ever, my old cat peed all over my ex-roommates boots.

Strung Out Peanut Butter Cups

Anybody who thinks that peanut butter cups are immune from the temptations that the rest of us face in our fragile little lives are obviously wrong.

Country Bear

With his tiny little ukulele, sheriff’s hat, and razor sharp teeth, the bear protruding from the wall at a show I did at the Roadhouse in Maine, was more than likely the most memorable stuffed bear I’ve ever run across.

Aardvark Love

Considered taboo by some, with her furry inviting snout and unconditional adoration, most view Aardvark Love as the greatest love of all. If not, why would Whitney Houston write a song about it?


Jumping through a ring of fire, this is quite possibly the most talented fireball ever.


Rubber chickens are infinitely more frightening than rubber ducks, and here is the proof.


Tiny Pirate licks sometimes tickle a little. If there’s a lesson to be learned from this cartoon, that would be it.


Not sure why the pope isn’t wearing his giant hat, or why he’s making an obscene gesture with his tongue, but respectively, he isn’t, and he is.


Not exactly sure what prompted this cartoon, but when there’s a flying doughnut involved, does it really matter?

Pixie Stick

Pixie Stick is too busy getting high on his own supply to notice his friend, Lick ’em Aid, who has clearly overdosed on the ground beside him.

Border Bathroom

The bathroom at the Border Cafe looked like this. I chose to use the urinal at the legs of Texas, as he looked to be slightly distracted, thus less likely to be agitated getting hit in the backside by acidic […]


I ran into Schmiegel at Bennigan’s. He was circling the bar, searching for his precious.