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Jeremy Love You Lin Time

Thing One Conversation from last night: Me: “Hey, how fresh is that ink?” Not Me: “It’s a few years old. It looks really dark and puffy because I’m allergic to black ink.” Me: “Oh, well that was brilliant then, getting […]


Itchy Coochie Ointment

I spent some time last summer at Revere Beach, just north of Boston, and a wee bit west of 1985. Revere Beach is tied for the grimiest beach on the planet with whatever unfortunate body of sand that’s currently being […]

Aye Carumba its Snookis Chinese Vagina

Ting Wun I’m soooo sleeeeeepy. There’s been a construction crew working right outside of my apartment for the past week or so. If there were any roosters in my town, they’d equally annoyed at having their slumber interrupted. The banging […]

Holy Crack for the Born Again Strippers

I had the misfortune today of dealing with someone who reinforced every negative Jewish stereotype imaginable. At the risk of overusing a popular analogy, it was more annoying than having someone scrape a screaming baby across a chalkboard. By the […]

Fried Space Mutant

The nasty little bugger was nesting on the south side of my plate. I was initially oblivious to its existence, but the look of fear on Paul’s face let me know that something was amiss. Something that could scare a […]

Unsuccessful Suicide

Thing 1 Today I saw a woman with the most gigantic ass I’ve ever seen on a mammal. It was as if she stuffed her jeans with a pair of fully grown pheasants. She has to be the only person […]

Ninja Versus Chucky

This post is directed to those of you who are watching Enter the Ninja right now. Everyone else can just go away and come back tomorrow when I’ve written something that you might understand. Ok, now that they’re gone let’s […]

Etheopian Pocket Rocket

Some of my favorite recent television moments moment 1a and 1b The waning moments of Independence Day, when America figures out how to destroy the aliens, eliciting joyous celebrations from around the world. Cut to a group of African tribesmen […]