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3 Men and a Baby Jesus

HOMESTEAD, FL (NBC) — South Floridians have claimed to see holy images in things like grilled cheese or a pancake. On Thursday, a Homestead, Florida man said he saw Jesus in an X-ray he had taken of himself at a doctor’s office.

That has to be the least delicious Jesus image in history. It’s also why the first place I go to search for holy images is Ihop.

“I feel a little nervous,” Reynaldo Farinas said.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was looking at the results of his chest X-ray.

After experiencing chest pains, Farinas went to Homestead Hospital. While he was there, physicians ordered an X-ray of his chest. Some say what that X-ray revealed could be a message from a higher power.

Perhaps the message was that the age old notion of bacon making everything better needs to be amended to exclude cholesterol level and arterial clogginess.

“Last night I checked and see the face of Jesus Christ there,” Farinas said.

I saw the same thing on my X-ray, except they referred to it as my large intestine. On an interesting side note, the X-ray of my liver looks like Steve Guttenberg. If you add my spleen and sphincter, which respectively look like Tom Selleck and Ted Danson, you’d have a hilarious version of Three Men and a Baby Jesus.

The Farinas’ along with his physician and a medical technician said the image on the X-ray resembles Jesus Christ.

Who was his doctor, Doctor Doolitle?

The doctor said he could not explain the silhouette.

The patient said he could not explain the bill he received in the mail a week later.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Ihop seeing if I can find the Virgin Mary in the filling of my stuffed crepes.

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