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Ninja Versus Chucky

This post is directed to those of you who are watching Enter the Ninja right now. Everyone else can just go away and come back tomorrow when I’ve written something that you might understand.

Ok, now that they’re gone let’s get down to business. I have a question, what’s the deal with white ninjas? I understand that you’re “good” when you’re wearing a white uniform, but isn’t the whole point of being a ninja that you can make yourself “invisible” so that by the time the enemy realizes that you’re there it’s too late. The only 2 things a white ninja can use for camouflage are the now fully-grown ex-members of Hanson, and the sun. He should just wear a big cowbell around his neck and buy pants that have BLING BLING! written across the ass, and replace one of the BLINGs with NINJA. That way if you peeked as he walked by, you’d see either NINJA BLING! or BLING NINJA!, shifting from side to side as the sassy white ninja saunters down the road.

Also I find it interesting that the white ninja in Enter the Ninja looks like a 70s porn star. He probably dips his blowgun darts in roofie juice.

I firmly believe that Enter the Ninja is one of the top ninja movies ever, right alongside Ninja IV: Ninja goes to College and Ninja XII: Ninja versus Chucky. I’m also eagerly anticipating the summer release of Ninja Block Party.

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