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288-pound man gets 288 jellybeans

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. – What do you get a 288-pound man for his birthday? How about 288 pounds of jelly beans? His family didn’t plan it that way, but when Mike Lively became the 1 millionth person to tour the Jelly Belly Center on his birthday Wednesday, he won his weight’s worth of the sweet treats.

What do you get a 288-pound man for his birthday? Well, Jelly Beans was actually third on my list. First and second were a scale and a salad. And wouldn’t it be great if his family DID plan it that way and had a bet going to see who guesses how long it takes for him to eat them all.

The 41-year-old Indiana man, who claims he weighs only 278 pounds, said he wasn’t planning on sharing his windfall.

He’s just big boned. Actually the scale at the Jelly Bean Center is broken. Plus he usually weighs himself in the morning. Also his pants are very heavy. And he just had his period so he’s retaining.

“Fork it out to my family and kids,” said Lively, a steel worker, when asked what he would do with his prize. “None of the guys at work are getting any.”

Maybe if the first thing to pop into your giant porkchop head is that none of your stupid friends are getting their grubby little paws on your seventh-of-a-ton worth of multi-colored sugar pellets then you wouldn’t be 288, sorry…278 pounds.

The factory reached the million-visitor milestone in exactly five years, according to store manager Mary Plebanek.

The tour, which allows visitors to see how the candy is made, is one of the most popular attractions in Kenosha County. It draws about 200,000 visitors annually, almost double the 110,000 people who visit the Kenosha Public Museum on average each year.

ONE of the most popular attractions in Kenosha County, Wisconsin? That means that there are other, equally popular attractions? How does anyone who lives there make up their mind what to do with all the fantastic things to choose from? Between the Jelly Bean place, the thimble museum, the deer carcass store, and the Wal-Mart with the McDonalds featuring a newly expanded dollar menu, there’s certainly no risk of boredom in Pleasant Prarie.

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