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Jeremy Love You Lin Time

Thing One

Conversation from last night:

Me: “Hey, how fresh is that ink?”

Not Me: “It’s a few years old. It looks really dark and puffy because I’m allergic to black ink.”

Me: “Oh, well that was brilliant then, getting that big tribal tattoo.”

Not Me: “Thanks.”

Me: “No problem. I don’t blame you. Fuck allergies. Who cares about infections and negative skin reactions when you can have a cool tribal tattoo. Very original.”

Not Me: “Thanks. I like it too.”

Me: “What tribe are you in?”

Not Me: “Oh, I’m not in a tribe.”

Me: “Well then, are you allergic to peanut butter? Cause I have some Nutter Butters in my pocket (that I’m dying to jam in your stupid pie hole)!”

Thing Two

Ok, Chinese people and people who feel the need to be offended on behalf of Chinese people… Jeremy Lin graduated Harvard, plays for the New York Knicks, and is making a ton of money. This whole getting all up in arms bullshit every time anyone makes any sort of Chinese reference is getting old. Getting upset because Ben & Jerry’s put fortune cookies in their Lin-Sanity Ice Cream is a bit ridiculous. At least they didn’t go with Cookies and Kung Fu, Ming Chocolate Chip, or Pork Fried Rice Cream.

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