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Feeder Mice for Ankle Mouths

$110 hamburger lands on Jakarta hotel menu JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) — A hotel in Indonesia is dishing out a hamburger that costs more than twice the monthly minimum wage in some parts of the country. I’m not certain why I’m […]

Jeremy Love You Lin Time

Thing One Conversation from last night: Me: “Hey, how fresh is that ink?” Not Me: “It’s a few years old. It looks really dark and puffy because I’m allergic to black ink.” Me: “Oh, well that was brilliant then, getting […]

The Bloodhound Chain Gang

‘Lean On Me’ Actor Arrested for Buying 200 POUNDS of Weed – TMZ The guy who starred as troubled youth Thomas Sams in the 1989 classic “Lean On Me” was arrested in Arizona for allegedly buying 200 pounds of pot […]

Shaniqua the Go-Go Chicken

Woman does ‘mouth-to-beak’ to save chicken ARKADELPHIA, Ark. Danke Schoen Senor Arkansas… I was growing weary of ridiculing Kentuckians. And I would have given anything to have been a fly on the wall during the town counsel meeting where they […]

Meth in a Bible and Al Queda Bar-Mitvahs

Bible-only Reading at US jail (AFP) WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Department of Justice has filed a complaint against a South Carolina sheriff for letting one of his prisons bar inmates from reading anything but the Bible. I’m this really […]

Vibrating Gerbil on a Stick

After nearly six decades of painstaking research in the field of rubber animals, utilizing a myriad of scientific research methods such as placebos, protractors, and double-blind phone surveys, I have come to four conclusions: 1 – Of all the rubber […]

Organ Bandit Aardvark Snuggles

In this ultra-important series of posts, I’m going to be exploring various sayings to either prove them to be accurate, or I’ll do everyone a favor by disproving them, killing and burying them deep in the cold hard earth, and […]

Itchy Coochie Ointment

I spent some time last summer at Revere Beach, just north of Boston, and a wee bit west of 1985. Revere Beach is tied for the grimiest beach on the planet with whatever unfortunate body of sand that’s currently being […]

The Dead Possum Tearoom

This is a tale of a show I did at the Roadhouse Café located deep in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I love how they added Café as if it added a touch of elegance. You’d swear you were dining […]