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Dane Cooks Vagina Spice

Ohio boy sells manly scented candles (AP)  MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A 13-year-old Ohio boy has launched his own line of scented candles meant for men, with fragrances that include bacon, New York-style pizza, sawdust and the smell of a […]

Bootleg Hungry Hippos for the Homeless

We had a Toys-for-Tots drive at work and I peeked inside the box to see what assortment of goodies the needy little monsters could expect. I was immediately shocked and dismayed to see that one of the donations was a […]

General Gaos Patriotic Anus

Before we delve into the pending issue of beautifully decorated cow anuses, I wanted to bring up the fact that lately I’ve been bombarded by Chinese spam. At least I’m pretty sure it’s spam. I’m getting comments left and right […]

Asphalt and Incest

I had to repost this cartoon that I originally put up on my site back in the winter of 05, as it has to be the best representation of the years of exhaustive training spent working on my craft. And […]

I Own These Bitches

My boxes of girl scout cookies were delivered to me at work today. I can understand why they start out as brownies, being as those little deviants are responsible for more fat people than Texas moms. I just stopped at […]

Feline Urination

I fondly remember the day my roommate approached me with tears streaming down her face because my cat had been peeing all over her stuff. At first I found it funny, but when I saw how much it upset her, […]

To Catch a Sicilian Predator

Interesting night performing at some random pizza place in Berlin, CT last night. First thing I noticed was the single autographed headshot on the wall. Who might be so important as to be the only celebrity adorning the wall of […]

Gooey Splenda Facials at the Regal Beagle

City to get RoboCop statue with fan funding DETROIT (Reuters) – From sci-fi cult film, to Twitter phenomenon to Detroit landmark-in-the-making. SpaceBalls? Sweet! I’ve been writing my senator for years to have a Pizza the Hutt statue built. I guess […]