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The Dead Possum Tearoom

This is a tale of a show I did at the Roadhouse Café located deep in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I love how they added Café as if it added a touch of elegance. You’d swear you were dining […]

The Deer Carcass Store

288-pound man gets 288 jellybeans PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. – What do you get a 288-pound man for his birthday? How about 288 pounds of jelly beans? His family didn’t plan it that way, but when Mike Lively became the 1 […]

GetRDone Baby Jesus

A short time ago, near a trailer park far far away, a woman gave birth in a Wal-Mart. A more heartwarming way to be welcomed into this wondrous world of ours I couldn’t fathom. I can only begin to imagine […]